Levoons Use a Creative Design Quirk for Exact Measurements

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: store.moma.org & core77
Levoons, a set of products on sale at the MoMA Store, are perfectly precise measuring spoons for bakers.

As any skilled and experienced baker knows, baking is as much about science as it is about art and taste. Getting measurements right, especially for core ingredients like flour or baking powder, is essential for the quality and integrity of the final baked good. Levoons use a simple, yet brilliant, design to make sure that measurement are right on, every time.

The Levoons set comes with four stackable spoons sized at one tablespoon, one teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon. To use the Levoons, bakers take a heaping spoonful of the relevant ingredient. They then squeeze the handle of the spoon, causing a small arm to skim the surface. This motion knocks off the excess ingredient, leaving the perfect amount.