From Portion Control Oil Pourers to Modular Wine Purifiers

 - Oct 29, 2016
As the October 2016 kitchen trends reveal, consumers are increasingly looking beyond major appliances to smaller tools that can help them tackle different kitchen tasks. From something as simple as pouring the right amount of oil to purifying a glass of wine, consumers are eager to find ways of simplifying the process of preparing a meal.

As consumers lead increasingly busy lives, there is a growing demand for products that streamline even the smallest tasks. For instance, Mihai Hogea recently teamed up with Williams-Sonoma to create a line of products that are solely designed to cut avocados. Similarly, a product called the Twixit pour spout makes it easier for consumers to portion their dried goods.

Of course, there is also a demand for products that make more complex tasks accessible for homecooks. As the October 2016 kitchen trends reveal, there are now gadgets that are specifically designed for cold pressing juices, marinating meat and even purifying wine.