This Set of Avocado Tools Enables You to Prepare in Any and Every Way

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Some fruits are simply tricky to tackle, and 'alligator pears' are among that species. A collection of Avocado Tools was thus created by Mihai Hogea for Williams-Sonoma to facilitate preparing this soft food and working around its enormous pit.

A rounded knife and a curved utensil help to pull the stone from the center of the avocado before you get to the leathery skin. From there, you can use the bowed slicer to scoop the entire fruit out of the flexible shell. The option is there to use the dicing attachment to cut the flesh into equal-width strips. Finally, if smashed avocado or guacamole are on the menu, a masher helps you to alter the consistency and texture to go with toast or corn chips. The whole Avocado Tool Kit fits into a storage container, which can alternatively seal off a portion of the fruit for later.