Mikko Senna's 'Strongman Nutcracker' Design Was Made for 'OOKY'

 - Aug 29, 2016
References: mikkosenna & designboom
Mikko Senna is a product creator who has a talent for adapting strange concepts into function tools -- with his unique nutcracker design being a recent example.

The small kitchen appliance is said to be modeled after "traditional 19th century circus athletes, who performed impressive feats of strength through activities such as weightlifting." In order to convey this, Mikko Senna paints exaggerated mustaches on the faces of the tiny men, as well as brightly striped shirts on their torsos to further liken them to the times.

The nutcracker design was created for OOKY, an Italian kitchenware brand. With his eccentric creation, Mikko Senna offers consumers a playful alternative to traditional nutcracker designs, making for a product that complements counters when not in use as well.

Photo Credits: designboom, mikkosenna