The Gravel Chops and Dices Food With a Convenient Cordless Design

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: & yankodesign
The Gravel is an innovative smart kitchen tool engineered by Umit Can Koralay that chops and dices food automatically with a conveniently cordless design. The lack of plugs and cords renders the device mobile to use wherever and whenever, while the roly-poly shape ensures that it is ergonomic and easy to use on flat surfaces.

The shape of the Gravel is what renders the appliance ideal for cooking with. The base is a widened circular shape while the neck is long and slender. This is ideal for inserting long legumes and then allowing the chopped pieces to easy fall out. Users can set the dicing settings to be thick, long, wide or skinny depending on their preferences. When the Gravel requires a charge, it simply needs to be placed on its induction desktop.