The Nest Mortar and Pestle Takes Its Shape from a Woodpecker Roost

The Nest Mortar and Pestle is a stylish wooden grinder with a design inspired by a woodpecker's roost. The exterior of the grinder is made from a cylindric piece of cut wood that is hollowed with a slot to conveniently tuck away the pestle in the base. This makes the kitchen utensil much more stylish with an aesthetic that looks like a decor piece.

The mortar is carved using American Sycomore wood that is shaped entirely by hand using mineral oil and beeswax. The bowl features a hole in the base that is similar to a woodpecker's mark on a tree. This is where the pestle made from black tourmaline and white quarts can be kept until it is needed. The hole is in a separate unit then the bowl in the mortar.