The 'Twixit' Pour Spout Affixes onto Bags for Easy Storage and Dispensing

 - Sep 4, 2016
References: amazon & odditymall
The 'Twixit' pour spout is a revolutionary product that enables dry goods to be kept sealed in their original bag while still maintaining convenient access.

Designed to work with just about any product bag make from paper, plastic, foil or anything else the 'Twixit' clips on with ease. From here, the top portion is easily snapped open to allow the goods to be poured out. After use, the 'Twixit' can be snapped shut and the contents are kept dry, fresh and secure without having to worry about twist ties or other close techniques.

The 'Twixit' pour spouts eliminate the need to transfer products into separate containers thus saving time as well as the number of products needed in the kitchen.