'Bake Your Own' Makes All-Natural Bread That Can Be Prepared from Frozen

'Bake Your Own' makes it possible for consumers to enjoy freshly baked bread from frozen, with a customizable twist.

The all-natural sourdough used by Bake Your Own is specifically designed for freezer storage and allows anyone to prepare high-quality artisan bread at home in just about a half an hour, once the dough has been defrosted.

Once the sourdough has been thawed for a few hours, it can be cut into any shape. From there, it can be brushed with water and a variety of toppings can be added to create a variety of sweet or savory bread flavors. After toppings have been added, the baguette rolls take only about 18 minutes to bake. This frozen dough solution melds the convenience of frozen foods with the satisfaction of at-home cooking.