This 40-Liter High-Tech Fish Tank Boasts Cutting-Edge Features

 - Feb 23, 2015
References: norrom & tuvie
Believe it or not, designers are coming up with ways to develop high-tech fish tanks that are 3D-printed. Charles Tornros's product is the Norrom Aquarium, made by 3D printing technology to a design that's equally forward-thinking.

The equipment and accessories that you typically need to set up an aquatic habitat in your home or office are reduced with this design. The light is built into the transparent cylinder of this large 40L container, creating a proper ambient source of illumination for the scaly creatures inside, as well as people on the outside. The kit naturally comes with an electric air pump, a one-way valve, a filter sponge, airline tubing and rings, pellets and stones for aquascaping. The finished product is incredible tidy and quite minimalist. This 3D-printed high-tech fish tank also comes with interchangeable caps to suit your particular preference for texture and color decor.