This 3D-Printed Infinity Blade is a Faithful Reproduction

 - Dec 5, 2014
References: infinityblade & amazon
The Infinity Blade is a video game that has spawned legions of admirers; the action game has been around since 2010 and has been a raging success. Now, Chair Entertainment, the makers of the beloved fighting game, have created an intricately crafted 3D-printed version of the Infinity Blade object itself.

As every Infinity Blade fan and player worth their salt knows, the Infinity Blade is the only weapon capable of bringing death to the Deathless. And it's all well and good doing so in the confines of a computer game, but this wonderfully reproduced 3D-printed version of the weapon lets you enjoy the splendor of the blade in a tangible form that you can touch and feel.