MirrorMe3D Introduces 3D Printing to the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

 - Jun 13, 2015
References: mirrorme3d & 3dprint
For the thousands of people undergo cosmetic surgery annually, there are naturally some that end up with an undesirable end result—but MirrorMe3D is a company that hopes to change the face of this industry forever with 3D printing.

MirrorMe3D works with doctors in order to generate models of patients, for the purposes of showing them more or less what they will look like post-surgery. These detailed 3D-printed face models are generated with a variety of camera systems, which helps to give patience piece of mind about how end result will look.

It's easy to imagine that in preparation for a consultation, an array of 3D-printed faces could be created, showing a variety of subtle or major cosmetic adjustments that could be made. Beyond the face, this also has applications for other parts of the body, especially patients who are seeking breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery.