The 'HIBR Pillow' Uses Technology to Constantly Stay Cool to the Touch

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: hibr & psfk
'HIBR Pillows' are self-cooling cushions that stay cool to the touch all night long. We've all been in a situation when a hot day has you flipping your pillow for the colder side. With HIBR Pillows, you won't have to worry about doing that again.

Each pillow is filled with beads that change its thermal nature when activated by the pressure of a head. The beads are converted to a liquid, which has the ability to transfer body heat to ensure the pillow stays cold. HIBR created the self-cooling pillow in response to other sleep aid technologies like smart mattresses and special lighting. HIBR believed that those technologies are not as effective as targeting pillows, which are much more involved in a person's sleep.

The pillow is available in three different types, and are all shaped differently to cater to people's preferred sleeping position.