The White Ambiance Bulbs Let You Control Color Temperature

 - Mar 14, 2016
References: & gizmag
When it comes to the revolutionary new area of smart bulbs and lighting, there's no question that the kingpin has been the Philips Hue range, which has been blazing a trail for other smart lighting products for a few years. Now, the range is being joined by a brand new addition -- white light bulbs equipped with color temperature control abilities.

The White Ambiance bulbs offer color temperatures that realistically mimic natural light, meaning that the light in your bedroom can reflect the light cycles of day and night. The bulb will also come with a Nightlight mode that will enable you to enjoy night vision in your room whilst minimizing the use of blue light, which is known to hamper with sleep cycles.

Ultimately, the ability to control color temperature is what makes this smart bulbs so great. By being able to select different temperatures, users can create different lighting moods appropriate for lounging, working, entertaining or anything else.