The Delta 'Temp2O' Digital Shower Head Enables Customized Bathing

 - Jan 13, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
Nearly every aspect of the modern consumer lifestyle has been touch by technology, and now the bathroom is no exception; the Delta 'Temp2O' digital shower head enables customization like never before.

Whether the bather is looking for a cool, warm or hot shower, the Delta 'Temp2O' digital shower head is able to indicate what's being provided. When turned on, the shower head will display the temperature along with a color: blue for cold, magenta for warm and red for hot. This enables bathers to hope in when the water is just how they like it.

When in-shower, bathers can see exactly what the temperature of the water is via the incorporated screen on the Delta 'Temp2O' digital shower head to know the exact temperature they find most suitable.