'AfreSHeet' Features Seven Recyclable Layers to be Peeled and Disposed

 - Dec 15, 2015
References: afresheet & homecrux
The bedroom -- specifically the bed -- is a breeding ground for dust mites and more, which is why 'AfreSHeet' disposable bed sheets are designed to make washing your sheets a thing of the past. Instead of requiring care, 'AfreSHeet' disposable bed sheets are designed to be placed onto a bed and simply peeled after a certain amount of time.

Featuring seven layers each, 'AfreSHeet' disposable bed sheets are crafted from recyclable polyester layers that are comfortable to sleep on. The waterproof design of 'AfreSHeet' disposable bed sheets makes them an economical way of protecting mattresses as well from dirt and spills.

Ideal for dorms, the 'AfreSHeet' disposable bed sheets have the potential to be incorporated into the hotel industry to help conserve water and ensure cleanliness.