This Smartwatch for the Deaf Employs Visual and Tactile Feedback

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: coroflot & tuvie
It really is about time for designers to explore a smartwatch for the deaf, given the past couple years of experimentation with wrist-worn technology. Raees PK benefits from cutting-edge precedents of timepieces that facilitate communication, using what's been done to cater to a very specific group of consumers.

While some who are hearing impaired may boast a heightening of other senses, the inability to discern a voice within close proximity can be a great disadvantage in certain situations. The solution is this Smartcall Watch that picks up alerts within bluetooth range, enabling the wearer to transmit messages with nearby friends with the same device. It suffices to replace greetings from across the street, and the like. Furthermore, this smartwatch for the deaf can be synced to a smartphone, vibrating to alert the person when a call or text is coming through.