This New Portable Gadget Can Authenticate Handbags Instantly

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: entrupy
Entrupy is a small, portable gadget designed to instantly authenticate handbags on the spot. It does this by taking high quality photographs of the surface of the bag, and comparing them to over 1 million reference images to decide if the bag's microscopic details look authentic or not. At this stage, Entrupy has been found to have over 99% accuracy when it performs a test, and that number is steadily increasing over time as the team behind it fine-tunes their algorithm and reference database.

This brilliant device will make it easier than ever before to authenticate handbags, which will in turn let fashion enthusiasts around the world know for sure that they're getting the real deal. Once Entrupy is easily available, will that spell the end of the bootleg designer bag market?