The New Marie Sixtine Boutique in Paris Resembles an Apartment

 - Oct 23, 2015
The latest Marie Sixtine shop is Paris is a stunning apartment-inspired boutique that pays homage to the ideal Parisian apartment. The whiteout decor is defined by its use of raw materials and muted pastel colors. All of Marie Sixtine's boutiques, in Paris and otherwise, have been designed by Studio Janréji.

Inspired by a sketch of a Parisian apartment, the bohemian-chic boutique features porcelain lighting installations and a selection of feminine vintage accessories. The furniture is a contemporary selection designed by Studio Janréji, while the space is littered with a selection of vintage design pieces. The Marie Sixtine boutique also boasts original herringbone stone floorboards, a vintage iron staircase and bespoke lighting by Axelle Sabatier and Louis Barbaray for Studio Janréji.