Lumos is a Smart Bicycle Helmet that Improves Road Communication

 - May 27, 2015
Lumos is the world's first smart bicycle helmet. Designed to improve your visibility and ability to communicate your intentions to motorists around you when riding in traffic, it features turn signals and automatic brake lights that are built into the helmet. Simple, commonsense, but with powerful features, it's amazing that something like this doesn't exist yet!

Cyclists routinely forget to bring their lights with them. A small, but potentially costly mistake when they nonetheless choose to ride out on the road with traffic. Many cyclists also often neglect to provide hand signals when they turn either out of thoughtlessness, laziness, or a lack of confidence to have just one hand on the handlebar.

Though cyclists can easily forget their lights, they rarely forget their helmet. Using technology and design, Lumos is bringing simple, common sense features to the humble helmet, a product that has seen little fundamental change since the 1980s.

With Lumos it will be easier and more convenient for cyclists to always have their lights with them, and to be able to signal their intentions to motorists around them. The hope is that this simple change in visibility and ability to effectively communicate will help cyclists and motorists cooperate and share the road in a way that will be safer for all parties involved.