The PomPom Mirror Reproduces Images with Soft Black and White Materials

 - May 30, 2015
References: smoothware & dezeen
If you're searching for spinach in your teeth or a lash in your eye, the PomPom Mirror is not going to be terribly useful. Having said that, this interactive piece of artwork has a different and very powerful purpose, demonstrating the perceptive qualities of contemporary computers, and the imagination that can help to explore the technology's application.

Daniel Rozin has made many unusual 'mirrors' before, but this is his first 'soft' creation. Using hairy cotton balls attached to motors, the PomPom Mirror's components are in constant motion when its subject is. A webcam mounted on top uses Kinect sensors to map out the silhouettes of objects before it. Either a black puff of a cream-colored one will set forwards to emulate one's image.