From Digital Butterfly Exhibits to People-Powered Music Exhibits

 - Sep 3, 2015
These digitally interactive art exhibits allow guests to become part of the displays. 'teamLab' has designed numerous installations that combine art and technology such as its recent creation titled 'Crystal Universe.' This particular installation immerses guests in a galactic-inspired light exhibit which they can control using their smartphone.

There is also a sonic rain forest display at NYC’s New Museum incubator. This installation is essentially a musical instrument which guests are the musicians of. A collaborative effort from Matthew Dear, The Principals, Listen and Charlie Whitney, the installation invites guests to manipulate its sounds and musical cords at their own free will.

Another installment by Neon Golden presents a digitally interactive display of firefly-mimicking lights. The LED glowing lights replicate the same glow emitted by fireflies and are controlled by motion-sensing technology. Each of these displays combines art and technology in a creative and beautiful structure.