'Homogenizing and Transforming World' Symbolizes the Internet

 - Jan 7, 2014
References: team-lab.net & hypebeast
The Homogenizing and Transforming World art installation is made up of countless of large spheres that interact with people through the power of touch. When it senses such a contact, the balls change color. The installation achieves this state of change via a wireless connection. It almost seems like an all-consuming mood ring.

Designed by creative design consortium teamLab, the Homogenizing and Transforming World art installation is currently exhibiting at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in China. The spread of these changing colors is meant to mimic the spread of digital information. The masterminds behind the installation observes how "the Internet has spread throughout the world. Individuals are connected to closely related people, and information spreads back and forth freely between them." The uniform colors represents a unifying world via the Internet.