The Tate Sensorium Invites Guests to Experience Art in a New Way

 - Aug 27, 2015
References: theguardian & fastcodesign
The Tate Sensorium exhibit at the Tate Britain museum accompanies its paintings with sounds, aromas, food and props in the hopes of helping guests to develop a deeper connection and understanding of the pieces.

While traditional museums discourage noise and food, the Tate Sensorium encourages it. This interactive exhibit touches on each of the five human senses. For example, guests can nibble on chocolate, gaze at a painting and inhale the scent of Pledge furniture polish.

The exhibit is complete with four rooms that each contain four pieces of art. Each piece of art is accompanied with a new and unique sensory trigger that hopes to alter and enhance the viewer's grasp of the art. The exhibit is officially open to the public from now until September 20, 2015.