This Artwork by Neon Golden Embodies the Essence of Fireflies

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: dezeen
Austrian arts collective Neon Golden created this unique light installation that aims to replicate the glow and movement of fireflies. The light installation is appropriately titled 'SWARM,' which is exactly what the artwork aims to portray -- a swarm of glowing fireflies.

While fireflies are often noted for the green-colored glow they emit, this light produces a soft red hue. The entirely immersive display uses over 1,000 LED lights that are suspended from above. The installation invites guests to enter a completely dark space and experience the surreal movements of this insect-inspired scene.

In order to fully convey the movement of fireflies, the lights are activated and controlled by motion-sensing technology, created by Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware systems. Neon Golden's digitized interpretation of fireflies presents a whimsical display of art and nature.