This Giant Blanket is Made with PVC Knitting Needles and Rope-Thick Yarn

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: imgur & neatorama
There are oversized knit sweaters and then there is this giant blanket. It was created with the use of two PCV 'knitting needles' and yarn that is as thick as rope. An impressive feat, at least when it comes to homey crafts, the giant blanket is something everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere will wish they had on hand as the temperature continues to drop.

Interestingly, the giant blanket is not as comical as people might assume. Created by Imgur user Otterknot, it is stylish and functional. Although there was a lot of time and sweat invested in the creation of the giant blanket, she says that it was well worth the effort and many people can probably attest to that sentiment.