Researchers Point the Way to Innovative Applications in Car Making

 - Jan 28, 2015
References: dupress
Quickly advancing technologies are building incredible potential for 3D-printed automotive manufacturing. Carmakers can take great advantage of this ever-improving method of assembly, enabling them to streamline and speed up every part of the brainstorming, designing and final building processes.

A team of researchers including Craig A. Giffi, Pandarinath Illinda and Bharath Gangula have outlined the many advantages of using 3D printers in rapid prototyping, economical car part production and efficient body building. Given the choice of many different materials, additive manufacturing methods enable the outright fabrication of many components, saving time and negating the creation of scrap material. 3D-printed automobile design and assembly is thus fast, precise and eco-friendly, which should make this technology the choice vehicle to advance the transportation industry.