The Mayice Presentation Box is Made from Colorful Melted Candies

 - Apr 10, 2015
References: mayicework & mocoloco
Waning to develop an artful presentation box and explore new materials at the same time, the designers of Mayice found a perfect substrate that was flexible, translucent in gummy bears.

The boxes are given stricture with acrylic frames and feature melted fruit candies that form artfully abstract images. As well as having a unique look, the candy boxes also have a scent that matches the melted candies that were used in the construction process. The boxes are meant to be mounted against a white wall so that natural light can shine through and project patterns onto the surrounding environment.

The inspiring Mayice Lightbox shows that unusual food ingredients like gummy bears have the potential for new uses beyond being visually pleasing as art in packaging, presentation and decor.