Inkteraction Art by Alex Solis Brings 2D Drawings Off the Page

 - May 4, 2015
References: alexmdc.tumblr &
While some may doubt that more dimension is left to be discovered in the art of sketching, these interactive illustrations suggest otherwise. The artist, Alex Solis, uses an inky black pen to draw quite animated––but static––caricatures, but the complete artworks are actually photos with tangible interference.

The Inkteraction image series features a few characters, including a chubby boy and his skeletal persona. Portraits of him are doodled in great detail with discernible missing elements, as if invisible forces are impacting him. The pictures make the most visual sense when they're laid flat and photographed with human hands and faces, punching, strangling and pinching the scribbled subject. He's tormented with pencils, karate chops, blown breath and even fire from lighters. Ultimately, these interactive illustrations certainly breathe great life into the hand-drawn medium.