A Series of Hybrid Sculptural Seating Assumes Everyday Objects

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: behance.net & fubiz.net
While some designers strive to produce the perfect ergonomic chair, this collection of hybrid sculptural seating demonstrates a very different priority. Haris Jusovic has rendered some incredibly unique pieces of furniture that could realistically be comfortable, but the most distinctive aspects of the designs are that these loungers look like other things.

Observe a cozy armchair of black leather that appears to have been hollowed out from a giant rotary telephone; meanwhile, a butterfly looks to open its wings, providing a pretty perch on four legs. A cracked eggshell with its yolk beneath, and a swoosh of melted chocolate bar both assume the forms of single support chairs. The Hybrid Objects Series brings utility, art and amusement into the domain of furniture design, challenging contemporaries to do the same.