These Ceramic Tile Art Pieces Portay Pixelated Pop Culture Characters

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: space-invaders & hypebeast
The mysterious and elusive artist Invader, or graffitist depending on who you ask, has unleashed his latest invasion of ceramic tile art upon the streets of Paris.

Although his actual identity is unknown to the public, Invader has for years carefully and discreetly posted his pixelated street art upon countless cities around the world. The ongoing project has been explained as a game by Invader, where each densely populated urban area acts as a level and each new piece posted adds to an ever-growing high score.

Through the careful placement of each new colored square, this latest example of an ever-growing ceramic tile art project sees a number of 8-bit characters posted around the streets of Paris. Call it art or call it graffiti, these anonymous art pieces are at the very least sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by.