These Wall Art Images of Sea Animals Celebrates a Seaside Town

These whimsical images of sea animals were put up by French artist Clementine Guivarc’h, for a seaside town's photography exhibit. In coinciding with a celebration of local photography, the Brittany Port soon became covered in various caricatured sea animals. Many of thse artworks gave animals a unique humanized quality, often with hats, sunglasses and human facial features.

Finding all of Guivarc’h's work turned into an impromptu scavenger hunt for those in Brittany. The pieces were spread out on various public spaces including walls of stores, restaurants and cement blocks. Brittany's traditional architecture and vibrantly colored buildings provide a unique contrast to the fun illustrations. The guerrilla-style art was received well by the town, many of whom were amused and joined in on the scavenger hunt. Although not part of the photography exhibition, Guivarc’h's images of sea animals was just as popular as the event.