1010's Roadside Graffiti Project Beautifies an Industrial Transit Space

 - Jun 2, 2015
References: buro247
When one thinks of public art projects, roadside attractions often come to mind and this highway art installation in France is one of them. The project aims to challenge perceptions while beautifying an otherwise industrial roadway.

The road composition resembles an optical illusion when viewed from above and is reminiscent of a concave hole that opens into the ground below it. Its aerial view reveals a classic highway that is accented with an eye-catching illustration. The masterpiece is inspired by organic, stone formations and is displayed in a palette of black, red and blue tones.

This highway art project beautifies an urban and industrial road and is inspired by Op art paintings. The project was completed by famed street artist 1010 and illustrates the Parisian population's understanding and acceptance of graffiti culture. Rather than being deemed as vandalism, this project is viewed as public art and encourages other global communities to tolerate street art rather than discourage it.