This NYC Graffiti is a Mash-Up of the Care Bears and the Wu-Tang Clan

This nostalgia-inspired NYC graffiti combines one of the most popular cartoons and one of the biggest bands of the 90s to create an eye-catching crossover work.

This colorful new NYC graffiti is the work of Jerkface, one of New York's most prolific and respected street artists. The 32-year-old was born in Queens and has remained in his home city, creating notable murals in public spaces. His works often center around his favorite childhood cartoons, with his NYC graffiti pieces depicting characters like Cookie Monster, Super Mario and Tom and Jerry.

This most recent artwork is a strange, hybrid mutation of the Care Bears cartoon. Each psychedelically colored bear is eyeless and sports the Wu-Tang logo. With the limitless Internet recycling of cultural touchstones, artworks, fashion and branding movements rooted in 90s nostalgia have a strong emotional pull with millennial consumers.