These Vibrant Illustrations Literally Drip with Colorful Paint

 - Jul 8, 2015
References: & beautifuldecay
Street artist Okuda San Miguel has created eccentrically colorful geometric street art pieces that explode with vibrant colors and are comprised of interesting shapes. These illustrations feature animals, people and abstract shapes that look as if they were effortlessly tossed onto the plain gray building walls. Each piece of art even shows paint dripping down the walls in an artistic flow towards the ground.

Each colorful geometric street art piece brings life to the once-bare wall. The images are made of mixed and matched geometric shapes giving sharp corners and strangely colored results. For example, one image resembles a peacock tail that is fanned out. The images are distinguished by the silhouette but the interior is much more of a complex puzzle.

Some of Okuda San Miguel's art pieces have even been created into sculptures and free-standing art pieces as well. Whether these art pieces are on the side of a building, a telephone box or sculpted from another material, they carry a certain energetic vibe with them.