From Toy-Creating Kiosks to Speedy Book Delivery Services

 - Aug 8, 2015
These youth retail innovations range from toy-creating kiosks to e-retailers that specialize in modern infant fashions. Young consumers are up and coming in today's retail market. Despite their lack of disposable income, this generation is supported by parents who will stop at nothing to pass their tastes and interests on to their kids.

In addition to the growing popularity of couture-inspired kidswear, these retail innovations also include subscription kits that cater to kids' and parents' niche interests. Whether educational or outdoorsy, personalized subscriptions mean that parents can control what they are exposing their offspring to during early stages of development.

Other standouts include experiential pop-up shops and DIY toy store displays that encourage kids to get creative and to use their imagination. Fueled by technology and customization, these examples suggest that the face of retail will change greatly for the younger population.