This Italian Street Artist Made a Story of Sympathy as Tall as a Tower

Up-and-coming Italian street artist Millo has been touring Europe creating beautiful and thought-provoking murals. His latest work is a touching depiction of empathy spanning the entire height of an apartment building in Minsk, Belarus.

The Italian street artist has been extremely prolific in the last couple of years. In 2014, he created 13 huge pieces for a single competition, the B.Art event in Turin. Now, he's spreading his artwork around the continent, visiting unusual places and producing insightful and visually interesting murals in cities where street art is uncommon or simply doesn't exist. His signature style displays a muted palette, with the majority of the piece done in only back and white, emphasizing the several patches of primary color that break the monochrome background.

This work sees one of his signature characters, a bald, child-like figure, offering comfort to a tiny apartment dweller.