Lydia Cambron Gives Second Lives to Distorted Subway Posters and Ads

 - May 10, 2015
References: lydiacambron & laughingsquid
Lydia Cambron has recreated defaced, vandalized and distorted female subway ads to give them a second life. Cambron's bio on her webpage quotes "I don't really 'design' as much as I 'art.'" This statement solidifies her entire project titled 'Makeup Transit Authority.' She did not create the original ads, but she created an art project using them as inspiration.

Cambron saw the unconventional beauty being portrayed through the tainted ads and decided to partake in the cause by using her own props, makeup, wigs and camera.

Living in Brooklyn, New York, the transit system can be crowded and often the advertisements are overlooked, ignored or in this case, abused. With the ongoing curiosity and affection towards the mistreated ads, the women within them are given a second, less glamorized life thanks to Cambron.