Ray Bartkus Painted this Mural Upside Down Using the Water as a Mirror

 - Jul 8, 2015
References: suduvosgidas.lt & boredpanda
New York artist Ray Bartkus hand painted this beautiful upside down aquatic activity scene on a waterfront building. Ray Bartkus uses the water as a mirror to reflect his mural so that the reflection reveals the up-right image.

This unique wall mural presents an interesting art piece without the water. With the water, this artwork becomes a double-edged sword of artistic beauty. The scene shows a diver, boats, people kayaking and animals such as swans and leaping dolphins. The diver is particularly interesting because on the building all you can see is a pair of legs jutting out of the building's roof, but in the water, it looks as if someone was half submerged and photographed mid-dive.

This water-reflecting mural is located in Marijampolė , Lithuania. The simple and clever image reflects onto the Šešupė river that flows directly through the city.