This Street Artist Painted a Picture of His Work Getting Erased

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: facebook & beautifuldecay
'Combo' is an infamous graffiti artist who recently retaliated against an anti-street art barrage of erased graffiti.

The particular piece that was erased was part of an image of Donald Duck’s nephews Huey, Louie, and Dewey as make-believe graffiti artists holding spray paint. The image itself encourage other artists to write messages, as the characters are positioned as spraying a blank space on the wall. As passersby continued to add messages to the wall, it was soon erased with paint, but left the characters undamaged.

To display his dissatisfaction, Combo took a picture of the man erasing the graffiti. Combo then enlarged it and collaged it onto the wall, on the precise spot the man was standing. By mocking the work being erased, Combo was able to protest the removal of street art in a unique way.