These Colorful Pencil Drawings are Accented with Edible Sweets

 - Oct 24, 2015
References: instagram & boredpanda
Artist Nady Nadhira creatively combines the word of childhood sweets with colorful pencil drawings to create whimsical works of art that can also be eaten. The illustrations feature dainty designs as well as a few pop culture references to popular television shows and games.

There is nothing children love more than sweets and Nadhira captures this innocent childhood essence with her fanciful illustrations that incorporate food into the overall design. The images feature ink silhouettes of houses, space ships and turtles colored in with pencil crayons and accented with candies, cookies or cereal. One illustration features a drawing of Marge Simpsons with red Skittle candies used to recreate her quintessential pearl necklace. Another image showcases the floating house from Up with M&M chocolates used to represent the balloons.