This Alfred Hitchcock T-Shirt Contains Hidden Images From His Films

 - Oct 11, 2015
References: teefury & odditymall
This wearable portrait of Alfred Hitchcock is laden with hidden images from his classic horror films.

The creative artwork is entirely made up of hidden images drawn from the most famous Alfred Hitchcock films. In allusion to The Birds, two crows make up Hitchcock's eyes, and wrinkles on his face are represented by tree branches. Looked at closely, the director's tie is revealed to be a shadowed figure raising a knife, an allusion to Psycho. Other hidden images can be found in every detail of the portrait's skillful drawing. It's a brilliant tribute to the master of 1950s and 60s horror.

The hidden images portrait, titled 'Shadows of Suspense,' has been turned into a t-shirt just in time for Halloween.