This Illustrations Shows the Layouts of Various Popular TV and Movie Homes

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: nikneuk.deviantart & neatorama
DeviantART artist Nikneuk has created a series of detailed floor plans of famous homes and locations popularized on television shows and films. The floor plans are drawn by hand and they showcase iconic fictional locations such as The Simpsons' home and the apartment where Jerry Seinfeld lived.

While many of the famous sets of homes, apartments and frequent eateries viewers see on their favorite programs aren't usually real, they are sets that mimic the aesthetic and architectural layout of an actual space. These designs by Nikneuk capture the layout of these spaces in detailed and colorful hand drawn floor plans. These are great to look through as they offer the viewer with an all-encompassing angle of the entire rooms joined together that you might only see bits and pieces of on a show.