Monument Mode Erases Moving Objects from a Scenic Background Shot

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: petapixel & slashgear
Adobe's new photo feature 'Monument Mode' allows users to remove annoying passersby who may walk through a perfect scenic shot. Meant for smartphone cameras, the feature eliminates any moving object from the scene, differentiating between a still person desired in the photo versus one that is unwanted.

Monument Mode acts as a type of Photoshop, pre-photograph. Instead of waiting to upload the photo and spend time, stress and effort in eliminating the unwanted object -- this feature does it all automatically. By taking multiple photos and stacking the unchanged portions, it can remove things like moving vehicles that come in between your camera and a stunning backdrop.

The motion-sensing photo feature may limit fun for professional photobombers, but for scenic photographers and tourists, this technology is ingenious.