Aeon Ensures the Footage You Capture is Clear, Crisp and Smooth

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: indiegogo & highsnobiety
You'll never have to worry about keeping your hand absolutely still while recording video again thanks to the Aeon video stabilization handset. Designed for your GoPro, the Aeon works with a three-axis functionality that will keep your device perfectly positioned despite the chaos that the videographer might be going through. What's produced thanks to the Aeon is crisp video that's perfectly smooth and that doesn't make you dizzy.

Featuring an LCD display to see exactly what you're capturing, a joystick to ensure you remain focused on your subject and a battery indicator, the Aeon video stabilizer is currently funding on Indiegogo. While the GoPro you'll pair with the device might have cost you a pretty penny, the Aeon is destined to be some of the most affordable equipment available.