This App Allows Users to Exchange Their Skills for Different Services

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: timerepublik & fastcoexist
'TimeRepublik' is a new app that allows users to exchange their skills for different services. In recent years, the sharing economy has taken on many different forms. This new type of economy allows users to stream films instead of buying them, rent their home out for extra cash and even become temporary taxi drivers.

TimeRepublik takes a different approach to the idea of the sharing economy by allowing users to trade one service for another. Instead of paying for a service, consumers can lend a hand to someone who might be in need of their skills. These services can include everything from dog walking to corporate law. Each time a user shares their talent with someone, they earn credits that can be used for different services. As co-founder Gabriele Donati explains, "it's basically taking money out of the equation."

TimeRepublik offers an alternative to traditional social networks by providing a platform for people to helps one another and build genuine connections.