This Shocking Ad Shows the Effects of Sugary Drinks on Vital Organs

'Cancer Council Victoria' recently released a graphic ad that shows the effects of sugary drinks on an individual's vital organs. While many people know that soft drinks contain high levels of sugar, it is difficult for consumers to grasp how these products impact their health. This campaign uses shocking images to try and get consumers to cut back on soda and energy drinks.

Similar to the anti-smoking ads that began running in the 90s, this new campaign relies on shock tactics. The advertisement begins with a man drinking a can of cola and then zooms in on his vital organs. The ad reveals the effects of sugary drinks on the man's organs. The ad makes a clear connection between the consumption of soft drinks and the risk of developing illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. While the images are rather graphic, Cancer Council Victoria believes this kind of campaign is the only way to show consumers how harmful soft drinks can be.

The graphic ad ultimately demonstrates a powerful way of conveying the threat that soft drinks pose to consumer health. The hope is that the campaign will parallel the success of similar ads that exposed the harmful nature of cigarettes.