This Ad from 'Get Checked' Shows that STD's are Scarier Than Monsters

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: getcheckedomaha & adweek
'Serve Marketing' created this horror movie-inspired ad for 'Get Checked,' which encourages youth to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The commercial begins in an eerie parking lot where a young girl is parking her car. Before she gets out, a scary zombie smashes her window and chases her. The ad takes a humorous turn when the zombie abruptly stops and the monster says "You don't have any STDs or anything, do you?" The girl is confused, but says she's not sure.

The zombie then breaths out with sincere disappoint and says that getting testing "is not that hard," and then walks away. The ad shows that even things that seem scary really aren't -- like getting tested for STDs.

The Get Checked ad targets young viewers with horror movie motifs that are combined with humor. Youth are more likely to retain the information if they are genuinely interested in the topic at hand -- even if it's an uncomfortable one.