These Kits from 'Pilot Coffee Roasters' Provide a New Way to Enjoy Coffee

 - Dec 17, 2015
References: pilotcoffeeroasters
'Pilot Coffee Roasters' recently debuted two limited-run coffee kits that provide a unique way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Since opening, Pilot Coffee Roasters has gained a loyal following for offering a different kind of cafe experience. Now the Toronto-based roasters are giving consumers a way to enjoy the same gourmet coffee experience in the comfort of their own home.

The limited-run coffee kits are designed to showcase the work of Finca Catalan de Las Mercedes, which is one of Gautemala’s most innovative farms. The Processing Kit features four different coffees created with the same varietal. The difference between these blends is in the processing method used. This kit is designed to help consumers understand how different processing methods can change the taste of their coffee. On the other hand, the Varietal Kit contains three different varietals. The same processing method is used for each of these coffees, meaning consumers have the opportunity to taste the characteristics that set each one of these beans apart.

The gourmet coffee kits are now available for pre-order from the company's website.