Momints' Mint Tube Packaging Securely Transports Gel-Filled Liquid Capsules

 - Jan 14, 2016
References: packworld
Momints took inspiration from the cosmetic industry when developing its new mint tube packaging system. Just as beauty product packaging is often designed to highlight a unique color or texture, Momints realized there was opportunity to better showcase the jewel-like form of its liquid gel mint capsules.

One new solution was for Momints to create a "super tube" vial that contains a handful of the liquid mints. Additionally, Momints also carries thin pocket-sized foil pouches that contain just eight gel capsules in a protective tube.

Before these packaging systems were adopted by Momints, the "bold liquid mints" were packaged only in glass vials that featured an attached flag containing product information. To make the tubes more consumer-friendly, Momints now uses transparent plastic tubes topped with polypropylene caps.