The Ojuara Tapiocaria Cafe in Brazil Serves Up the Regional Dish

 - Jan 14, 2016
The Ojuara Tapiocaria Cafe is a colorful crepe shop serving up the regional dish in Campinas, Brazil. Located within the Iguatemi Campinas Mall, the hybrid cafe and retail space is outfitted in folk art patterns in bright colors that represent the history of tapioca in the country.

Although many people think of the tapioca pearls featured in bubble tea when they hear "tapioca," in this case the starchy substance is included as a main ingredient in the Brazilian dish known as tapioca, but refers to a corn-based crepe.

Imagery included in the Ojuara Tapiocaria Cafe's interior was taken from "modernism, traditional folk flags, calligraphy from indigenous tribes, the ornaments traditionally drawn on trucks and 'cordel' folk literature," according to the designer firm's statement.